Council of Dutch Research Schools in the Humanities

National Research School Medieval Studies (NRSMS)

Since its first accreditation in 1994 by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW), the National Research School for Medieval Studies (NRSMS) has been the meeting point par excellence of Dutch experts on the Middle Ages, as well as on the multifarious skills and methods required for the preservation and analysis of its heritage. The School is a collaboration that trains and educates new generations of researchers. Senior staff instructs students how to study and interpret the sources of Medieval Culture and how to render their results understandable and relevant to a larger audience. It is the goal of the School to create a scholarly community of medievalists and an optimal environment for their research.
The medievalists of the six Dutch classical universities (Leiden, Utrecht, Groningen, Amsterdam/UvA, Amsterdam/VU, Nijmegen) have joined forces in the School because they firmly believe in the added value of cooperation. The local groups comprise diverse fields of expertise, their members work in a variety of disciplines and are employed in various departments and even faculties. By working together they have created a nationwide school that combines specialist knowledge in a wide range of disciplines while covering the entire thousand-year period of the Middle Ages.

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