Council of Dutch Research Schools in the Humanities

Huizinga Institute

The Huizinga Institute is the national Dutch research network for Cultural History. It was founded in 1995, and has flourished as a forum for debate and exchange of scholarly views in the field, also functioning as the principal Dutch provider of excellent, cutting-edge coursework and education for research students and PhD candidates in this field. The Institute takes its name from one of the founders of cultural history: Johan Huizinga, with for example his The Waning of the Middle Ages. Cultural history is a broad, inclusive and dynamic discipline, taking up new specialisms all the time. The Institute encourages the study of culture in its historical manifestations and dynamics, and from a variety of mutually complementary perspectives; the main premises are historicity and interdisciplinarity. Focal points at the moment include: cultural nationalism; memory, heritage and identity; the history of science and the humanities; the history of concepts, political culture, and religious encounters. The Huizinga Institute supports and encourages academic meetings and exchanges in these fields.

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