Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis (NICA)

NICA is the Dutch national research school in cultural analysis, studies, and theory; generally, in interdisciplinary and theoretical humanities research. The school offers graduate courses for research master and PhD students, and serves as a professional network for affiliated scholars. Presently based at the University of Amsterdam, the school welcomes the participation of scholars and students of all Dutch universities. For more information, please refer to

NICA offers a yearly series of activities that are open to all research master and PhD students as well as staff members. Our activities include: a Summer and Winter School, Masterclasses, Ateliers (single-day workshops dedicated to a single topic), seminars, reading groups, tutorials, and lectures. For a continuously updated overview of our events, see

Additional Info

  • Academic director: dr. Murat Aydemir
  • Program manager: dr. Eloe Kingma
  • Secretary: Chantal Olijerhoek
  • Leading institution: University of Amsterdam